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Miss Universe: a contest of beauty and intelligence

It was so close. I bet sleepy viewers stayed up glued to the television despite heavy eyelids as Miss Philippines made it as a top 5 finalist in the running for the Miss Universe title.

Then came the heart pounding moment when it was down to two: Philippines and USA. The prospect of having a Filipina for Miss Universe is very overwhelming and just downright awesome!

However, the crown went to USA.

While the first placer in the recently concluded Miss Universe pageant, Janine Tugonon, has certainly made her kababayans proud, some say she should have taken home the title saying she did better than Miss USA during the question and answer portion.

Well, I guess we’d never really understand how pageants work. Is it about beauty or intelligence? It could be both. But I wonder if there is absolute objectivity in such contests. After all, they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is therefore subjective.

Regarding intelligence, all the questions are opinionated as well. Moreover, I guess having different questions from a particular judge makes it harder to judge who is better.

One candidate might get a piece-of-cake question while the others do not. I guess the hardest question went to Venezuela: What law would you make and why.

I wonder if it becomes just a test of who speaks confidently and fluently under pressure for not having a few seconds to contemplate on an answer just like class recitation.

If I were asked, I’d say the question to Miss USA was easy, but maybe the challenge was to answer it without making the question sound lame. She was asked what was had done that she regretted. If I were asked, I guess it’d take time to start remembering everything I have done and weigh them by gravity and significance. But like I said, candidates don’t have the luxury of time to think. Miss USA beat the time by saying what she regretted most was picking on her brother. It may sound very light but like I said, the questions are opinionated.

Tugonon’s answer, on the other hand, was diplomatic. I say this since she really didn’t answer the question directly. It seemed to me like she answered in a way that invalidated the question: Should speaking English be a pre-requisite in Miss Universe. Sure, Miss Universe should (or already “is”) not be about speaking a specific language and it is about making an influence most of all.

She might as well have been asked what being Miss Universe means.

The reigning Miss Universe goes around different places with different languages doing good acts and I couldn’t imagine her having an interpreter on her tail everywhere she goes.

In my opinion, I think it should be a pre-requisite simply because English is the universal language. If schools make students learn English without knowing for certain if they will travel to a country of a different language, then why shouldn’t a Miss Universe titleholder? – who is definitely going to travel. She might not be really an expert on the language, but I think it is just right that she learns it.

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