On Rh Bill: Have you made up your mind?

05 Jan

I was browsing the net, typing in whatever word I could think of and an article titled “Why Ateneo theology prof quit over Rh Bill” caught my attention. (Did the title give you an itch of curiosity?)

I read the article because its message struck me as absurd yet understandable. Given that people associated with the church – the leaders, that is – have expressed opposition for the Rh Bill all the way, it is no wonder why a professor who in a way exercises the preaching duties of a priest in a classroom also has mutual feelings about the bill.

The article stated that a  number of Ateneans were in support of the bill. The professor was quoted in the article as he explains:

“Because of these realities, I believe that my service to the Church and my service to ADMU no longer coincide, and I believe that I can no longer share the path that ADMU has taken. Therefore I hereby resign both my teaching position and my tenure at ADMU Theology.”

Makes sense doesn’t it?

This article is a manifestation of how those who are adamant in their negative opinion of the bill and are against its passage, really have their judgments founded on the religious context.

The Rh Bill has been the subject of many debates now, but I have never expressed my opinion of it. I am in no position to be in support of or opposed to the passage of the bill simply because I have no inkling of the entirety of its terms. I, however, support the idea of it being “pro poor.” It has been a common argument that the passage of the bill would somehow be an antidote to the prevailing problem of poverty due to many family members whom the head of the family can barely support and sustain financially. I agree.

My mother argues that those in the church who are bound by vows of chastity have no idea how bad the situation is. Given man’s animal nature, how can “uncontrollable” urges be stopped?

However, being pro life is another matter. Now I end this post with a question to which I haven’t yet an answer: While debates are going on, some people are already making use of these contraceptive methods. What difference would the passage of the bill make?

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