Movie Review: Pitch Perfect

22 Jan

After being blown away by the dramatic musical, Les Miserables, I was soon entertained by another yet comedic musical titled Pitch Perfect, starring Twilight’s Anna Kendrick (Jessica).


Though it is somewhat reminiscent of other movies such as Sister Act 2 back in the 90s and Camp Rock, this movie offers a fresh take on the common plot of the aforementioned movies because of the astonishing musical numbers sung in a capella.

A Capella singing groups in a university eagerly set out to win the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella. Following formulaic tropes, there is an unbeatable champion whom a underdog group aims to dethrone. The unbeatable champion is The Trebblemakers, an all-male group, while those who aim to end The Trebblemakers’ winning streak is the all female group, The Bellas. The Bellas are criticized for doing the same, outdated repertoire over and over again. However, uptight group leader Aubrey ignores it and insists on keeping traditional songs alive. Things change when Beca (Kendrick) joins the group and later on manages to urge Aubrey to try something new.

The story is very predictable as it follows the same formula for most plots – the main characters start out with lame performances and in the end, gives a wow performance and takes home the trophy. However, its attempt at comedy is commendable despite a bit of crude humor; and the music is really something to hear.

It is a pleasure to hear voices blending and sound like they are accompanied when they are not. The fact that there is also dancing that does not take away the singers’ breaths is also a treat. I definitely think that all music lovers and perhaps those who aren’t will enjoy this film as much as I did.

Let me a share a video from our fellow choir from Pampanga, the Tarlac State University Chamber choir, singing a chorale version of Justin Bieber’s “Baby.” Enjoy

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