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Movie review: The Impossible

It saddens me that I am compelled to write my first negative review about a movie I have just seen, even more so since research showed that it generally gained positive response from critics. It is the newly released movie of the  year next to Les Mis – The Impossible.


Despite looking at this image cover of the home dvd we bought and being given a heads up about the film, it really nagged me later on what intrigued so much as to watch the movie. In fact, I could sum up the story in a sentence: An American family makes a mistake by going to Thailand as there should-have-been vacation turns into a nightmare by devastation brought about a tsunami, leaving them desperate in finding one another as they are separated in the midst of the calamity. And judging by the picture, it can be deduced that the family would end up finding each other at the end which accounts for the title -the impossible – since in such a devastating situation, it almost a miracle to be reunited with your love ones.

Now, it is understood that the movie could be forgiven for being predictable as it aims to make the viewer relate to the victims of a true tragedy. However, this flaw or disadvantage rather was aggravated if not helped by the slow pacing of the story. It was painful to watch – and I don’t mean that because of the characters’ plight. I was desperately waiting for something to happen – which didn’t come until after how many dragging minutes of close up shots of grief stricken expressions. Despite the attempt, I was more bored than close to tears. I finished the movie for the heck of it, although I was this close to ejecting the dvd after 15 minutes in the movie.

Maybe those who are interested of seeing real life moments captured would appreciate more than I who think that no matter how interesting or relevant the story is, it does not always guarantee that it will do for a movie.

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