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The indigent and their 15 seconds of fame

It is almost that time of the year when the next leaders of the country are to be seated at the throne. As we pass by dozens of streamers of electoral candidates, it is clear that the 2013 elections is looming. In the Philippines, it perhaps will not be surprising if we see another group of the country’s indigent citizens get their fifteen seconds of television exposure as part of the aspiring politicians’ campaign – they being the subject of the candidates’ platform.

Indeed, in a country where seeing more homeless people on the streets than working people with suits and brief cases, the approach at sympathy may possibly win the voters over as it becomes evident that there is a pressing need to help these people who compose a larger percentage of the country’s total population.

However, how ironic it is that these politicians have their advocacy lined up with helping the needy and yet spend millions on campaign advertisements for personal gain. The biggest spenders even make the headlines. Just 3 years ago, presidential candidate, Manny Villar was reported to have been among those who spent the most for their campaign.

While watching his TV advertisement, it can be seen that Villar is for the poor and projects an image of hope to them. The fact that he did not quite embody the pro poor image as he spent millions for a TV ad eludes the mind. I just wonder if he still continued his promise after not winning the highest seat in the government, which begs another question: is the election campaign all but a host of halfhearted advocacies?

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