Book review: Phillip Margolin’s “Wild Justice”

20 Oct

I have taken a liking to investigation and mystery stories ever since I was introduced to Nancy Drew. But in a recent book I’ve read, the investigation is a lot more serious than the cases Nancy Drew often merely stumbles upon.

In Philip Margolin’s thriller, Wild Justice, the city of Oregon is haunted by numerous murders by a serial killer whose methods of torture go beyond the borders of humane acts. Surgeon, Vincent Cardoni, is eyed as the person behind the deaths of beheaded victims and others left dismembered.


Frank Jaffe, distinguished lawyer and defender of Cardoni, successfully keeps him out of jail despite the overwhelming evidence against him. Frank’s daughter, Amanda Jaffe, grows uneasy thinking his father saved a man who should be damned in prison after Cardoni suddenly disappears.

Four years later, the same killings occur. Is Cardoni dead? Is he really innocent of his alleged crimes or is he really behind these murders? A wild chase for justice commences as young lawyer Amanda, sets out to hunt the man down

Fast-paced, exciting and mind boggling – Wild Justice has all the characteristics of a good thriller. Moreover, it gives the reader a delectable account of court proceedings. It’s amazing how witty lawyers are (and have to be). I found myself wishing I did as well as Frank Jaffe did during cross examination in my speech class. But I guess their job becomes tough when they are to defend criminals who are better off convicted.

And of course, the bad guy turns out to be the person you least expect him to be. As I flipped the pages and devoured every word, I played a guessing game with myself just to test if I could beat the investigators to it. I did!

For those who haven’t read Philip Margolin or any crime stories and legal thrillers, this would be a good place to start. I’ll definitely be reading more of Margolin’s books.

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