Book Review: Sidney Sheldon’s Master of the Game

25 Oct

One of the first books I almost swooned over with delight after reading is a book entitled “Master of the Game” by Sidney Sheldon. This was my first adult novel after weaning off reading Nancy Drew paperbacks and fantasy novels about dragons.

In this novel, our protagonist is the indomitable Kate Blackwell who has built a business conglomerate with her wealthy inheritance, which all started with her father, Jamie McGregor, hunting for diamonds in South Africa. The book is about family politics and being the next “master.” As the story moves along, we see Kate unconsciously manipulating her families lives, proving that she is the only one true master of the game.

Now here are some notable things (spoilers even) about the novel.

It all starts with Jamie McGregor looking for diamonds on the ground surface. This could just be in Mr. Sheldon’s head, but the prospect of not having to mine but simply pick diamonds off the sand as you would a sea shell is very interesting. If there were such a place, I’d like to know how to get there.

Second, they say a mother’s love for her children is unique, but even mothers and their children have their quarrels that sometimes led children to replace love with the word hate in the famed three-word sentence. But how far can a son’s hatred for his mother go?

Tony has a passion for painting which his mother, Kate, is against. When an expert artist gives him a bad review, he stops painting for the rest of his life in disappointment. What’s interesting is that in another part of the world days later, Kate hands over a check to said expert. It doesn’t take much thinking to deduce what she paid him to do. Eventually, this, along with many other plots his mother has pulled becomes known to Tony. So he goes crazy after doing what he thought he’d never do in his life – pulling the trigger of a gun pointed at his mother. However, it doesn’t kill her as he had intended.

At this point of the story, I was sure that Tony is worst than Oedipus who unknowingly had sex with his own mother. However, while both felt guilty, one simply went crazy and the other poked his eye out. Regarding this, I definitely can’t tell who met the worse or more pitiful end.

Third, Kate raises Tony’s twin daughters as he is not in the right mental condition to be a father to them. We’ve heard of sibling rivalry before. But can you imagine a five year old try to kill her twin sister out of jealousy by lighting her nightgown on fire? Bet you can’y. Perhaps, it was cruel for Mr. Sheldon to have thought of this. But it made the story interesting, I’d have to say. A real shocker.

Indeed, the turn of events in this thriller of a novel had me turning the pages while wishing for at least a couple of days to be like one of them vampires from Twilight who didn’t have to sleep. I’d recommend this novel to anyone up for a fast paced thriller with many twists and turns. Sidney Sheldon is anything but predictable. He is the master of the unexpected.

I loved the novel so much I wished it was made into a movie so that I could see and revel in the action. And lo and behold. Youtube has turned up just what I was looking for. It was made into a mini-series.

Here is a preview 🙂

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