Perfection and critics

31 Oct

It is common knowledge and a cliché even that nothing is perfect. Nobody is perfect. Then, why all the criticisms? Have you ever received a harsh criticism that just made you want to tell that your critic to bug off and cut you some slack since nobody is perfect anyway? I am definitely one of those who have used this “nobody is perfect” excuse. Yes, the saying is not a justification for something that is flawed but rather an excuse. As my mother says, “yes, nobody is perfect. But you have to try to be.”

As writers for the campus publication, we are often told off for our articles which in the university’s view mar its alleged good record. One of the school heads said that given our cynicism as watchdogs of the university, we seemingly go about making an issue out of something that a passive student would think is all right. He further went into a recount of how the university has improved, and he seemingly thinks that we, the campus publication, are unappreciative of that. Haven’t the administration done all they can so far to come close to perfection?

In one corner, a demolished funerary is about to give rise to a project which the school architects says will be a very good move for the university. In another, a new building which is said to boast of high end facilities is being built. It is clear then that the university wants to give its students the best. But there is still no end to comments about the imperfect education system as some think it is overlooked or even prioritized less.

Criticisms are natural to the point that it may be almost unreasonable to explain oneself to a critic. However, “Nobody is perfect” will always be an excuse. It is only a statement of the fact that there are limitations that we must try to overcome rather than excuse ourselves for.

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